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Steel Buildings

"You are such a pleasure to work with. Whatever the task, for setting the stage of a project to the implementation of critical elements, your involvement is a huge assurance of the project's success and allows me to focus on what I need to bring to our clients. We look forward to the next project with you Rudy."

~Paul Riha - Stone Imagery

"The professionalism and integrity of JRS Management & Construction Inc. was key to the success of the Phase I completion of the Hamilton Children’s Garden.  Serving as Construction Project Manager and General Contractor from the design phase to post construction phase, JRS really listened to our needs while working for our benefit and for the successful realization of the project as a true owner’s representative should. 

The JRS team was available and adaptable to any challenge that was thrown their way while still managing the project within our budget and schedule.  The network of proven and reliable consultants and contractors that JRS brought to the team eliminated many of the burdens and delays that would typically come with a project of our scope and size.  JRS performed above and beyond our expectations."


~Julian Duval - President/CEO - San Diego Botanic Garden

"I have been acquainted with Rudy for 24 years. He has successfully served in various capacities on construction projects at the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park

Rudy has risen to the meet the challenge as an important member of the team that delivers on projects of the most complex and challenging kinds of construction out there today. Projects such as the animal exhibits that everyone thinks of but also food & beverage, merchandise shops, offices, wet laboratories, and animal hospitals are included in our project list. 


Rudy is often recognized for both the talent and work ethic he brings. In my 45 years in the trade I have known few individuals with the good nature, humility and genuine intellectual curiosity that Rudy has exhibited over and over. His efforts consistently result in savings of time, cost and produce a better product."


 ~ David Rice - Director of Architecture - San Diego Zoological Society

" I have worked with Rudy on over 5 multi-million dollar projects within the past 17 years.  Through that time Rudy has done an exemplary job.  He is diligent, knowledgeable, well orchestrated and organized, and just a pleasure to work with.

Rudy manages people and resources very well; always doing his best to keep prices down and our best interest at heart.  It is wonderful to work closely with someone who is passionate at what he does and confident in the success of the projects we work on."


                                                                                            ~Robyn Badger - San Diego Zoological Society -  Architect for various multi-million dollar theme construction projects

"I am very pleased with the network of reliable dependable people Rudy has used on our project.  All of the sub-contractors he has brought in to work with us have done an excellent job.  I don't have to worry about hiring someone who will take advantage or hinder the project.  The people Rudy chooses get the job done and do it well."

                                                                                            ~Stan Penn - Large scale residential grading and landscaping project

"It is always challenging when starting a construction project, however, Rudy's immense support and know-how really eased a lot of burdens and made the whole process run smoothly.  It gave me great peace of mind that Rudy always made himself available to any questions or problems.

He was quick to follow through, incredibly reliable, and very thorough.  Rudy's ability to pull together resources and efforts to solve any problems that came up continually amazed me.  On the next project I undertake, Rudy will be the first person I call."

~Jan Hargraves - Owner of Gloss Salon





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