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San Diego Zoo - Elephant Odyssey

Conservation is a key concept throughout this complex, informative, and interactive exhibit.  Displayed in a massive 5 acre area are multiple habitats and features to showcase a spacious new elephant habitat.  The habitat includes several pools, multi-functional shade structures, and a state of the art Elephant Care Center open to public viewing.

Experience:  The visitor begins their educational journey by exploring prehistoric fossils, a replica of nearby tar pits, and a special exhibit containing life-size statues of extinct animals adjacent to their closest living counterparts such as lions, jaguars, and sloths. The Elephant Odyssey also features a streamside habitat, bird enclosure, reptile viewing, outdoor cafe, gift shops, themed playground, and finishes with a stunning showcase of the Zoo's successful breeding program for the near extinct California Condor.
Unique Aspect:  Due to impact on neighboring areas, it was not possible to work at night .  All work had to be completed at an accelerated pace and with high priority given to minimizing the impact to daily Zoo visitor traffic.

Project Cost:  $50 Million - Completed on Budget and on Schedule

Awards:  2010 People's Choice Orchid Award from the San Diego Architectural Foundation for Landscape Architecture
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