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San Diego Zoo Safari Park - Tull Family Tiger Trail

A beautiful 5.2 acre exhibit designed to provide natural habitats with multiple viewing areas for the Safari Park's six Sumatran Tiger residents. The exhibit includes three seperate tiger yards each with multiple up close viewing areas, a cascading waterfall and grotto area, a 4,300 gallon pool with an underwater viewing area, a Pondok Hut structure for,  a 9,000 sqft Longhouse that includes a demonstration mesh wall for trainers to interact with tigers in public view, a restroom area, and gift shop, and a children's playground area.

Experience:  Although the visitor viewing areas provide many face to face experiences with the majesty and beauty of the Sumatran Tigers on land and in water, this exhibit was first and foremost designed as an educational journey. The visitors begin their journey through the forest of Indonesia by following the Log Walk which not only provides the first viewing areas for the tigers but begins to educate on the negative effects of the logging industry on tiger habitats. Next the visitor enters a small hut structure, or Pondok, which was fashioned to replicate a market stand in Indonesia where wildlife products obtained by poaching may be sold. Then the visitor will wander to the Sambutan Longhouse, a wooden structure with a steap peaked roof, which would typically serve as a community gathering place where art pieces are on display. The visitor can then walk underneath the exhibit's cascading waterfall and watch the tigers in the grotto below.

Unique Aspect:  Sustainability was an important aspect and a priority for this project with many of the existing site materials being re-used in creative ways.

Project Cost: $19.5 Million Completed on Budget and on Schedule

Awards:  Nominated for 2014 Orchid Award from the San Diego Architectural Foundation for Architecture

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